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How to Remove a Stuck Disk From Your PS5

Getting a game disc — or, God forbid, any other kind of foreign object — stuck in your beloved PS5 is stressful enough. However, there’s a simple trick you can use to manually eject a disc that’s lodged in your console without completely dismantling it and potentially voiding your warranty.

So, if you’ve found yourself stuck in this pickle, keep reading to learn how to safely eject a stuck disc from your PS5.

How to Easily Remove a Stuck Disc from Your PS5

Before you panic about having a disc stuck in your PS5, check out this simple trick to see if you can remove it yourself before taking it in for repair. This trick is very easy to perform and doesn’t involve taking anything apart other than the cover.

Thankfully, these PS5 covers are super easy to remove and are designed to be taken off for cleaning or replaced with any of Sony’s colorful replacement shells. If you’re in the market for some fancy new covers to personalize your PS5 with, feel free to check out our guide on how to replace your PS5 console cover.

If you were unable to remove the disc from your PS5, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do yourself without voiding the system’s warranty. The best solution at that point would be to send your PS5 console in for repair so a professional can remove the disc for you.

Try this trick before sending your console

Getting something stuck in your PS5 shouldn’t be the nightmare it seems like it will be. With this simple trick, you can remove the stuck disc yourself with a minimum of stress and get on with your gaming adventures in no time.

Unfortunate as it may be, cleaning is a necessary part of life, and your PS5 is not exempt from this rule. Making sure your PS5 console and controller are clean and free of dust or debris is an important part of taking care of your system.

If you’re worried about opening up your PS5 to clean it, don’t be. You can do substantial maintenance without completely taking your system apart.

How often do I have to clean my PS5?

No matter how clean you are or how often you wash your hands, dust and dirt are inevitable. As well as being generally annoying, dust can also pose a dangerous risk to electronics if left unchecked.

Dust can get inside your PS5 console and get stuck in the fan. Over time, this dust can affect the fan’s ability to properly cool your system, causing your console to overheat. To prevent this, it is recommended that you clean your console every two months.

When it comes to your PS5 controller, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly. Even if you wash your hands before each gaming session, they still release natural oils and sweat that collect on the controller and make it dirty.

Dust also poses a risk to your PS5 DualSense controller. Since your controller sits face up, it can fall between buttons or collect around your joystick. Over time, this can cause your controller to drift.

Since your controller is in direct contact with your hands, it’s wise to clean it more often than the console. If you use your controller a lot or whenever you can see that it is dirty, you may want to clean your controller weekly.

What products do I need to clean my PS5?

It’s important to only use recommended products when cleaning your PS5. Substituting any of the above products for others that you already have could do more harm than good to your console.

Liquids such as soapy water can seep inside the console and damage electrical components. Isopropyl alcohol has a volatile nature which makes it safe to use on your PS5. As it dissipates quickly, it minimizes the risk of damage to any electrical parts.

Likewise, it’s important not to substitute a low-powered vacuum for a household vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and debris from your PS5 console or controller. Household vacuum cleaners are very powerful and also generate a lot of static electricity, which has the potential to seriously damage your console.

How do I safely clean my PS5?

Thankfully, both the PS5 console and DualSense controller can be easily cleaned without taking them apart completely. As long as you are using the right methods and products, not much can go wrong. To learn how to safely clean both your PS5 console and DualSense controller, see the instructions below.

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