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How to Print From Your iPhone or iPad A Simple Guide

Although many of us live mostly paperless lives, there are occasions when we all need to print something. Luckily, wirelessly printing photos and documents directly from your iPhone or iPad is as easy as sending a text message.

Apple’s AirPrint printing technology and some handy third-party apps make it quick and simple to achieve. So, here’s how to print from your iPhone or iPad to almost any printer.

iPhone Printing with AirPrint

There are many ways to connect a printer to an iPhone. The simplest is Apple’s AirPrint feature. There’s no AirPrint app to download—it’s all built-in and ready to use.

Just check out Apple’s list of AirPrint-compatible printers. If yours is there, all you have to do is make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad. You won’t need to add the printer, as it should automatically appear on your device.

To print from Safari, tap the Share button on a Safari web page. Then, simply scroll down and find Print.

This opens the Printer options on your iPhone or iPad. Here, you need to select your printer (assuming you have more than one on your network). You can also set how many copies you want to make or which pages to print. When you’re happy, tap Print.

Some iOS apps don’t include a printing feature, so you’ll need to export the selected content. To do this, save the document in the Files app. The Files app allows you to print via AirPrint. If the native app doesn’t allow you to export content, you can screenshot it and print it as a picture.

How to Print Photos from iPhone or iPad

You can print photos directly from Apple’s Photos app. To print a single image, follow the instructions above. Find the photo you want to print, tap the Share button , and then tap Print.

You can even print an entire batch of images in one go. To do this, open Photos and tap Select in the top-right corner. Now, select all the photos you want to print—you’ll see check marks next to the ones you’ve added. (Tap them again to deselect them.)

Finally, tap on the Share button, select the Print icon and proceed from there. You can also consider a service like Shutterfly if you want to print a lot of photos.

How to Add a Printer to iPhone or iPad

While AirPrint will connect you to your printer on the same Wi-Fi network, if it’s supported, finding your printer can still be a problem.

If you’re trying to AirPrint to a supported printer, and it’s not working, first check that both the printer and your iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network. Some printers use Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. You need to make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi for AirPrint to work.

Currently the only way to add a printer to AirPrint is to be on the same network. If it’s still not working after checking the Wi-Fi connection, you can try updating your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Printing with Your Printer’s Dedicated App

But what if you need to set up a wireless printer for your iPhone that doesn’t support AirPrint? The next best option is to see if your printer has its own dedicated app.

Most printer manufacturers (including Epson, HP, and Canon) offer apps designed to work with their own hardware on the same network. These apps may offer more features—especially support for proprietary options—that you won’t find elsewhere, such as changing the print size for printing full pages.

Epson iPrint, for example, can print multiple photos from your photo library, documents from your Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts, and documents saved in Your Files.

It also has a built-in web browser for downloading and printing web pages.

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