How to Get Rid of Twitter’s Annoying Refresh Sound

With all the shiny updates from Twitter, the overall experience on the microblogging app is much better. One thing is stuck though – that sound whenever you try to refresh the homepage.

However, there is a way to turn off this annoying refresh sound. This article explains how.

Will muting my phone’s notifications get rid of the Twitter refresh sound?

When you mute all notifications on your phone, all Twitter notification sounds will be muted. It also includes alerts for direct messages and refreshing the homepage.

Some people try to get rid of the Twitter refresh sound by muting their phone notifications, but this can be an inconvenient method. You shouldn’t have to toggle silent mode on your phone just to get a smooth experience on an app.

For those who don’t want to miss important messages by muting notifications, there’s an easy way to get rid of the Twitter refresh sound with the least amount of hassle.

How to disable twitter refresh sound

You’re scrolling down your Twitter timeline, and then you hear the Twitter refresh sound. Luckily, Twitter has made the sound optional so you can get rid of it.

Here’s how to disable the obnoxious Twitter refresh sound in a few easy steps.

Refresh your Twitter without worries

Something as simple as disabling the Twitter refresh sound can provide a more satisfying, uninterrupted surfing experience. Now, you can scroll without hearing that sound every time you refresh.

Since opening the feature to everyone, Twitter has continued to expand its Moments feature. Now, users can easily create Moments on the go using the Twitter mobile app.

You can create a Twitter Moment on your iOS or Android device by going to your Profile tab (Me) and tapping the gear icon. Tap on Moments and then tap on the plus icon.

You can start a new Moment by tapping the arrow icon on any Tweet and selecting Add to Moment. You can add the Tweet to an existing draft or published Moment, or you can tap the plus icon to create a new one.

End your moment

Once you’ve created your new Moment, regardless of how you started, you’ll want to add a title and description. You can also add a photo as your cover image by tapping the camera icon, but only if you want to use a photo saved on your phone. If you prefer to use a cover image from Tweets you’ve added to your Moment, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added Tweets with images.

Tap the Add Tweet button to start/continue adding Tweets. You can add your Tweets (including Retweets), Tweets you’ve favorited, or search for Tweets you want to add. Once you’ve added a Tweet with images, tap the camera icon and any image in the Tweet will now appear as an option to add as a cover.

Once you’ve added a Tweet with images, tap the camera icon and any image in the Tweet will now appear as an option to add as a cover. After adding your image, tap on the picture icon in the upper-right hand corner and tap again on the camera icon after which you can select Crop Cover. This will allow you to determine which part of the image will be displayed on the phone. You can also crop individual photos in each tweet.

Once you’ve added all your tweets and images, you can also tap on the Reorder tab to get the tweets in the order you want. To reorder them, simply tap the Tweet you want to move and drag it to its new position.

You can then tap Finish Later in the upper left corner to save the draft, or tap Publish in the upper right corner to share your moment with your followers.

Other settings you can add include sharing your location with Twitter (not your followers) to increase the reach of your Moment, and you can also mark it as NSFW.

What do you use Twitter Moments for? Tell us in the comments.

The impact of generative AI on social media is subtle, but pervasive. It is already being used to create new content, such as images, videos and text, as well as curate existing content. While this technology has the potential to benefit social media users in some ways, it also has some risks and drawbacks.

Generative AI simplifies content creation. But it seems like most of the simplification is for people using other people’s content, not the original creators. Strange, you’ve got one of those videos where a guru recommends using ‘AI-generated content’ to make money. The idea is that you can turn other creators’ work into something new without much effort or effort.

This is not a good thing for creators as it devalues their work and makes it easier for others to steal their content.

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