How to Fix the VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR in Windows 10

Windows has its fair share of errors, and one of the problems you may encounter on your PC is “video dxgkrnl fatal error”. This error usually occurs when your PC is using outdated graphics drivers.

However, there are other reasons why this error pops up. Luckily, you have a few fixes to implement and potentially fix the video dxgkrnl fatal error on your PC.

1. Use the Hardware Troubleshooter

One of the cool things about Windows is that it comes with a number of troubleshooters. One of these is the Hardware Troubleshooter which allows you to find and fix problems with your hardware devices.

When you see “Video dxgkrnl fatal error” on your PC, it’s worth running this troubleshooter to see what issues it can find and fix.

2. Fix Corrupted Files

Corrupted files are the most common cause of many Windows problems. You might be seeing “video dxgkrnl fatal error” if a core system file has become corrupted on your PC.

In this case, you can use Windows’ built-in corrupted file checkers; SFC, and DISM. In our guide on the difference between CHDSK, SFM and DISM on Windows we covered both of these tools, what they do and how to use them.

3. Reinstall your graphics card drivers

Your Windows PC uses the installed graphics card drivers to display items on your screen. If there is a problem or defect with these drivers, reinstalling them may fix the problem.

Alternatively, you can download the required drivers from your graphics card manufacturer’s website. Manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia have their graphics card drivers available for download on their websites.

4. Use System Restore

If you see “video dxgkrnl fatal error” after making a change to your PC, that change may be the culprit. In this case, you can go back to a restore point that will revert all your changes up to the creation date of that point.

You can use System Restore on your Windows PC to go back to a specific point in time, and you can learn more about how to reset a Windows PC or use System Restore here.

5. Turn off Fast Startup

Fast Startup in Windows allows your PC to boot up at a faster speed. While this is usually easy, it can sometimes cause problems with other elements on your PC.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to disable Fast Startup and see if it’s causing the problem. See What is Windows Fast Startup and how to disable it for more instructions.

6. Update Windows

Running an older version of Windows is almost always guaranteed to cause problems. Your “video dxgkrnl fatal error” may be the result of an outdated Windows system.

To fix this, go to the Settings app and update your Windows to the latest version.

If updates are available, it will automatically download and install them. After you install the update, restart your computer.

7. Reset Windows

If you still haven’t been able to fix the “Video dxgkrnl fatal error”, it might be a good idea to reset your PC. This removes all your configured setting options and reverts to the default values.

When you start to reset your PC you will get the option to keep or remove your stored files.

There are many ways to fix VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR on Windows

If you ever get “Video dxgkrnl fatal error” on your Windows PC, don’t panic. This problem is fixable in most cases, and you basically just need to apply some standard fixes. Our guide above should help you do just that.

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