How to Delete Your YouTube Channel or Account

YouTube is a great video service, but is it time for you to delete your YouTube account? You might want to delete all your comments or delete your videos. Or perhaps you want to temporarily pause the account so that you can resume it later.

Whatever the case may be, we are going to show you how to delete your YouTube channel and account either temporarily or permanently.

What is the meaning of YouTube channel and account?

When it comes to deleting or hiding content on YouTube, both your “channel” and “account” are considered the same.

You can use “channel” to refer to videos you’ve uploaded, while “account” is for likes or comments. For this guide, this distinction does not apply and the terms are interchangeable. This is so there’s no way, for example, to delete your channel but keep your comments.

If you want to delete just a specific video instead of the entire account, check out our guide on how to delete or restore YouTube videos.

How to temporarily hide your YouTube channel

You can temporarily hide some of your YouTube content with the intention of reactivating it later. This process will hide your public videos and playlists. It will not hide your channel page or its artwork, nor your likes and subscriptions.

However, a word of warning: This will permanently delete all of your comments. These will not appear again when you reactivate the channel.

How to delete your youtube channel

You can completely delete your YouTube channel. It is not reversible. Doing so will delete your videos, comments, messages, playlists, and watch history. This will remove your channel from search and make its URL unavailable. This will also cancel any paid subscriptions you may have, such as YouTube Premium or YouTube TV.

Any data associated with your channel, such as watch time, will remain part of the overall report, but will not be associated specifically with your channel.

This process can take some time to fully complete, so some of your content may still appear on YouTube after some time.

How to delete your Google Account

YouTube is owned by Google, which means that your YouTube account is linked to your Google Account. While you can delete your YouTube account and keep your Google account, you can’t do the opposite—the Google accounts are overlapping.

If you want to delete your Google Account, keep in mind that this is a nuclear option. This will not only delete your YouTube details but also every other Google service you use like Drive, Gmail, Google Play, etc.

Instead of doing this, and if privacy and data retention is a concern, you might want to set your Google Account to auto-delete data instead.

If you want to delete your Google Account and therefore your YouTube account, here’s how you do that.

Try an Alternative Service to YouTube

If you’re not sure you want to leave YouTube completely, you should hide your channel before deleting it. But if you decide you’re done with YouTube, which one should you be using instead? There are plenty of other video sites out there just waiting to be discovered, and you may find that they’re even better than YouTube.

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